Посылка из Китая №1184. Tinydeal. MineCraft Models and Super Mario

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We check out a pair of musical levels that recreate classic Mario athletic themes in our latest Super Mario Maker Showcase! And they come with a twist! Play them @ 5435-0000-003A-55B1 (SMB3) and 604E-0000-0083-24A1 (SMW)

Check out Peach Toadstool’s channel here for more Melody Roads: https://www.youtube.com/user/PeachToadstool

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40 Comments on Посылка из Китая №1184. Tinydeal. MineCraft Models and Super Mario

  1. Громкие слова о том, что все сейчас играют в майнкрафт, скорее только умственно отсталые)

  2. Вы сказали сделали трансляцию удобной для всех в 19:00 по мск.А у меня в это время 2 часа ночи :(.Вы про Дальний Восток не подумали

  3. больше шмотья и можно маски (коновал) ножи шокеры лазеры и гаджеты типо самозарядные ,солничн бтр и тд

  4. Разнообразие не помешает, заказывай не обычные игрушки, которых у кого нет)))

  5. главное не начинай играть в майнкрафт)

  6. Hey I've been a long time fan and wondering if you would check out my Majora's mask recreation level (B5BD-0000-009A-4D52). It begins at the beginning of the game up until you arrive at clock town as a deku scrub. Hope you check it out :)

  7. Play this level, it's a bit hard. Spookhous-Level
    Bowsers verlassenes Lager (Bowser's abandoned warehouse)


  8. Please play my levels and star them if you like them! These are what I have so far:

    A difficult puzzle map where each decision you make affects something else! Took 2 full days to make! My best map yet! (It has a Clear Rate of 6.66% O_O)
    The Backtrack Paradox

    Explore an old house filled with big and small Wigglers!
    The Abandoned Wiggler Circus

    Infiltrate Bowser's Castle, exploring secret rooms and defeating Bowser's minions!
    Infiltrating Bowser's Castle

  9. Well. I actually made some Super Mario Bros. 2 Levels, there are onoy two of them right now, I'm struggling to make more. The first one has 3 version while the secknd one has only one version. I put alot of effort into making those levels, I even used a map of each level to make sure every blocks was perfectly placed. If they release a Super Mario Bros. 2 Theme well rip my levels

  10. Hey Andre, i like your vídeo i want you to play my level is called bowser world is Verry funk the id is: 5a42-0000-0022-54d1
    Also i Have a spanish YouTube Chanel called arevalinchy for every once to see it
    Thank you

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