►New Super Mario Bros – PC |HD5750| (Dolphin 3.0 DX9)◄

[PC Specs]
╔►Processador : Phenom II X4 955 3.2GHz Black Edition
╠►Placa Mãe : Asus M4N68T-M LE
╠►Memória : 2x 2gb Kingston DDR3 1333Mhz
╠►Hard Disk : SATA Westerm Digital 320GB
╠►Placa de video : XFX HD5750 1gb DDR5 DX11 [Catalyst 11.5]
╠►Fonte : ATX 500w Real
╠►Monitor : ACeR 18,5” LCD
╚►O.S : Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

Super Mario Maker makes his way to PC, this fan made version of the game is actually very good.

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Outro song: Press Start – MDK
Video Rating: / 5

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40 Comments on ►New Super Mario Bros – PC |HD5750| (Dolphin 3.0 DX9)◄

  1. WHAT FUCK! How You Do That the game run On my specs slow My Specs:Intel Pentium 4 2GB Windows Xp 32 Bits Dolphin 3.0 Can you Give me Your Settings

  2. dolphin also plays gamecube games search The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess USA NGC-STARCUBE ISO emuparadise i had sonic 4 that was kool id like make standalone arcade of New Sup­er Mario bros mybe with a raspberry pi? /watch?v=LssEe_xx3eI

  3. You are all morons comment section. Remember: This is early version of the game! And you're just all bashing it for nothing

  4. Please play my level, its called: Skills Test
    You need to go to the right at the start of the leven becouse the left was a testing thingy i made

  5. Shut up WII-U complainers, its a fan game made by either 1, or a small group of people. I HAD a Wii U and HATED it sooo bad… But I do like Mario Maker, and this is a mighty fine alternative. So please, quit complaining about Indie games.

  6. I used to make levels for super mario world way back in the day. You couldn't actually make a game but edit a sne rom and then load it as the original game

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