Bowser’s Castle Part 1 – Super Mario Flash

Bowser's Castle Part 1 - Super Mario Flash

NOTICE: Part 2 is now online.

Hello again! This is the first half of a project I began working on a while ago. While playing Megaman 9, I decided to make a multi-stage Bowser’s Castle similar to the Wily Castles of the Megaman games. There are four levels: Barrage, Breach, Confrontation, Escape. This video concentrates on the first two levels.

Barrage: Mario has located the entrance to Bowser’s underground fortress. However, Bowser has sent an army of enemies to prevent Mario’s arrival at all costs.

Breach: Having successfully dodged Bowser’s onslaught, Mario must now breach the defenses of Bowser’s Castle.

There is the document link for the first level.
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Super Mario Flash Valley Level 1-3 Completed Game!!!

I am just going to play Mario game that I found online! Its a fun game with a little violence but fun!!! I already made the video for this game but I just want to play and record it one more time because I just want to compare my old computer to my new computer of how much it improve of the game smoother!!! I if you take a look at my older video of this last year it was much slower but this video improved a lot much faster and easier to play the adventure! If you want to see my older version of this video! Go to this link below!!!

If you want to try this game out then go here!!!

It has more games in this website.
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20 Comments on Bowser’s Castle Part 1 – Super Mario Flash

  1. The hell? Mario looks like he's partially walking inside the ground, plus it's SMW mario sprite mixed with NES enemy sprites. And how can you bump Pirahna on the head and not get hurt?
    This is the worst mario fangame ever.

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