Citra Emulator – Super Mario 3D Land

For the first time, Super Mario 3D Land which is a commercial game from Nintendo and released in 2011, is booting on the experimental 3DS emulator Citra.

Details : On this video, I will show you Super Mario 3D Land booting on the menu (Accept or Do not accept to activate streetpass will crash the game LOL xD). I use a decrypted rom .cia converted to a 3ds rom with CIA/3DS converter.
I’m French, sorry for my English 🙂

Post your comments for more information and tell me your favorite 3DS games. May be I can test them…
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8 Comments on Citra Emulator – Super Mario 3D Land

  1. why not work for me.citra lastest version cant boot super mario 3d land.please help me.i have 4 gb ram.Amd Radeon hd 5450 2 gb ddr3.quad core 2.80 ghz

  2. You open the .zip file with winrar, you will found the rom. At the right, you have a text with the password like "password : …". I think the password is shown in the main download cia page of 3dsiso. I can't directly say the password because these roms are for 3dsiso members.

  3. I download roms on the site "3dsiso". You must register to access to the forum and roms download. After that you can download .cia roms and decrypted them with cia/3ds converter tool. Then drag and drop the file converted into citra and envoy :). I will make a tutorial in order to how to decrypt roms like Mario Kart 7. That's a secret, Mario Kart 7 boot up in first loading screen with the logo and a black background but the game crash and there us a loop, can't pass this screen (i will make a video from this game on citra). I run this emulator with an Intel Core I3 on Windows 8.1.

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