Dolphin Emulator | Super Mario Sunshine 60 FPS and HD Texture Pack Setup / Configuration [1080p]

Settings/How to video on configuring the Dolphin emulator to run Super Mario Sunshine at 60FPS and using the HD Texture Pack.

Dolphin Emulator



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Mario Sunshine for the gamecube played on the dolphin emulator on pc.

Dolphin emulator revision 7671

anti-aliasing set to off for recording

Computer specs:
Windows 7 64bit
Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.3ghz
Radeon 4870

The gamecube mario, maybe the black sheep? Plays fairly well, more demanding than most gamecube games it seems. There are a few important emulation points that can severely mess up that game otherwise.

EFB to RAM must be on, which is unfortunate with any lower end computers as this usually drops frames. It was something I had on for other games earlier without knowing better. Meant I had to use less AA, deal with an occassional dip, and could hardly record at all. With it off, most games speed up – negating the problems I just mentioned – and most games are unaffected with their emulation.

In this game however if you don’t have it checked on, any sludge you spray away graphically disappears but mario will still act like it’s all around you regardless, slipping etc. The stuff also has a weird tendency to slide across the screen fast and in wrong directions in the game world depending on your resolution settings. My regular 3x internal resolution was fine but when I was going through them, 2x internal res would produce this effect.

Widescreen hack is worthless here. The heat waves coming off pretty much anything is rendered differently than the actual object or landmass it’s supposed to be on. When you turn widescreen hack on and force it 16:9, they render separately almost like being cross eyed. The heat wave effect carries a transparent overlay of the world while you also have everything rendered again regular and solid. You can stretch it 16:9 though of course.

The pre-rendered video as you would expect still looks kinda bad, when they both fall through the roof. It’s a bit more jarring watching the actual gameplay before compression compared to the videos, but these cut scenes never hold up that well on modern displays.

With everything set properly, I got it to run nice. In the gamecube games I’ve come across, this definitely takes more juice, but less so than most wii games.

If you’re using a controller with some kind of analog triggers(you should) for this game, you need to set both triggers to the regular AND analog setting in gamecube pad settings.
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40 Comments on Dolphin Emulator | Super Mario Sunshine 60 FPS and HD Texture Pack Setup / Configuration [1080p]

  1. So every other game works beautifully on dolphin, but Super Mario Sunshines graphics are ruined for me. They are blurry and just look terrible and i dont know why or how to fix it :/

  2. Hey Dude : )
    Either I'm too dumb or you forgot the link to the program to shrink the HD Textures. Also: Can I use a normal Dolphin Build with normal 30fps, but with HD textures?
    Thank you : )

  3. I have a question ive been struggling with, i install super mario sunshine.iso and the dolphin emulator says the ISO file is not valid. what do i do?

    i hope you can help

  4. When I search for the disk image (The ISO file), it seems that dolphin cannot find it, even though it is on my computer. How am i supposed to go to the game properties without dolphin recognizing the ISO file?

  5. HELLO !!! I have one question, What is Computer setting do you need to play this game with this game setting ?
    (sorry for my bad english)

  6. I did everything you told me too, but when I launch everything is in 2x speed the music the game, EVERYTHING I set the FPS to 120 and when I'm in game its lagging. I have a GTX 960. Any ideas?

  7. Is it possible to simply adjust super mario sunshines "ini file" so i dont have to reconfigure my standard settings on dolphin? If its possible please help me out with the ini file text. Thanks alot!

  8. Need help!
    HD Texture Pack doesn't work even when i changed all files from .png to .dds -> i've also put the GMSP01 folder into the textures folder, but it's like dolphin just ignores it

    Maybe you could help me??
    I would be pleased!

  9. Thank you SO much!! I have been trying for three hours to make sure everything was working right. You just earned yourself a new subscriber!

  10. For some reason my heatwave fix doesn't work at all. I still get the double vision effect. I have all the same settings (minus the 60fps), but I'm using Dolphin 4.0.2

  11. Whenever I play "Super Mario Sunshine" and I try to get it 60FPS, the cut scenes work fine but when I actually play the game, the audio sounds like crap and its dropped down to 30FPS. HELP!

  12. the audio seems to be running at twice speed with 60 fps on any way to fix this?(this is on the latest version of your custom Dolphin emulator btw)


  14. How does this run so well yet our computers are very similar
    (Graphics card and RAM wise, and my processor is 3.41 Ghz)

  15. I don't have a gfx card. But a HD PC. Whats funny about this is I can get the PSP emulator(PPSSPP) to work flawlessly with no issues and even psx2 and other emulators to work. Even DS emulator. But out of all the emulators….Dolphin is the ONLY emulator I have tested that does not work. No matter what I do I can't get it to get any games to work without lag. I've tried so many configs for it….for the life of me I can't seem to get it working. It's definitely a head scratcher

  16. Guys quick tip for slow emulation: When the game starts running just click on graphics and close the window. Emulation speed will automatically raise to 90-100% (pc & mac)

  17. Thank you for showing your specs i just ordered a powerful pc and this shows i should be able to run any games with ease so thanx again bud

  18. Hey, I was wondering if these specs are good enough to run this at full speed

    Processor: Intel® Core i3-4130 processor 3.4 GHz, 2C, 4M Cache, 1.00 GT/s, 65W
    RAM: 1 x 4 GB PC3-12800E 1600MHz DDR3 ECC – UDIMM UDIMM / 4 Slots Total
    Hard Drive: NONE installed with 3 vacant 3.5'' bays / RAID: Software supporting 0, 1, 5 Levels
    Optical Drive: DVD – ROM / Power Supply: 280W Fixed / Networking: Gigabit Ethernet (Integrated)

  19. Brings back so many memories of when I was a little kid in elementary school and playing this at my cousins house on weekends. Ahh now that I'm 17 in high school I really miss those days. :(

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