Free Super Mario Games!

My daughter and I both love to play video games.  And she has plenty of them believe me.

We have spent countless  hours playing Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart, Mario Party 8 on the Wii.  We occasionally go back and play Luigi Mansion or Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube discs play on Wii and are DIRT cheap!!)

It wasn’t until last Christmas, when she got New Super Mario Bros Wii, that I realized how much I missed old school mario games.

So we started looking around for free Super Mario games online and found quite a few.

Some are online games and some are free downloads.  Most of the online Super Mario Bros games are flash-based so they don’t work on my iPad, but they’re a great way to kill time at the office as long as you keep the volume down and have a really good ‘I’m working’ poker face.

I also found a ton of Super Mario Emulator links, but I’m not sure I want to get into that on this blog because of the legality issues.

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