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A lot of you have been asking for a walkthrough of the latest version of Mario Forever. The latest version I could find on the 16th of April 2013, was 6.0, but the game might update over time, so in one year from now you may notice some differences between this video and the game. Anyway, the game has remained largely unchanged, just some eye-candy has been added, like clouds, stars, suns and an occasional sign giving basic instructions, like “press down to go through pipes”, etc. All the levels have remained untouched and no secrets have been added – just a bonus round has been added to worlds 1, 2 and 3, but no world after that has these bonus stages. If you grab the large coin with the question mark on it, hidden somewhere in one of these worlds, before you go to the next level, on the map there will be an icon of Mario’s head, which if clicked on, will take you to the bonus round, in which you have to click on all the yellow stars you see in the background. This may seem ridiculously easy in world 1, but in worlds 2 and 3, the stars will actually run away when you hover your cursor over them, so you have to be really skilled with your mouse, as you’ll have to chase them around. If you manage to click on all of them, you’re given 3 extra lives, but you have a limited number of clicks, so if your cursor is not over a star when you click, it counts as a miss. If you run out of clicks, the bonus round ends and it’s on to the next level. You have the option of skipping the bonus level and going straight to the next level, by pressing the jump button on the map screen, instead of clicking on the bonus level, but once you skip it, you can’t go back and replay it if you change your mind, and this is a bit of a problem, because the bonus level icon does not show up as soon as the map appears (it appears after the map stops moving), so if you’re not careful, or if you forget about it, you can accidentally skip the bonus round by pressing the jump key out of instinct. I think the bonus round should either be made part of the level, so that you have to go through it no matter what, or at least have some sort of warning or message to let you know that it comes up next. Most of the time I simply forgot I grabbed the bonus coin and after the level ended, I’d just press the space bar not looking at the map, only to realize the bonus icon showed up way too late, after the game had already taken my command to start the next level. The level editor has been improved, and you can now play the levels you’ve created directly through the game, instead of having to use “Mario Worker” to edit and play them. The freezing-death glitch in the Hardcore Worlds has also been fixed – if you remember version 4.0, when you died in the Hardcore Worlds, the game would freeze and would not restart the level, forcing you to quit the game. Not much else can be said – it’s the same Mario Forever as before, just with some key improvements and bug fixes.
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