Mario Kart 64 On Ps Vita (N64 Daedalus Emulator)

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This is TriForce emulation via Laptop – Dolphin Emulator 3.0 694 64bit (TriForce Brand)
If you have any questions about the game please P.M me
Status : Playable though the audio has some crackling sound and mess up sometimes .PAL version .

Game Info & Settings :

My Settings for Nvidia GT 540M : 2.5x Internal Resolution (1600×1320) , no AA , 16x Anisotropic Filtering , Wide Screen Hack

Or if you’re newbie , you can download the pre-config Dolphin :
_Windows 32 bit :
_Windows 64 bit :
Use keyboard to play :
+Don’t press anything until the menu show up
+Press “Space” when menu show “Step on pedal to start”
+Don’t press “O” otherwise dolphin will freeze
+Press “M” to start the race

Recorded with Fraps .

Laptop Specs :
Acer Aspire
Intel Core i5 480M @ 2.93Ghz
Nvidia GT 540M @ 740-950 (Overclock to Nvidia GT 550M)
4Gb Apacer 1333Mhz
Intel SSD 40Gb
Cooler Master SNA 95 Slim Notebook Adapter
Windows 8 64bit Release Preview
Video Rating: / 5

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27 Comments on Mario Kart 64 On Ps Vita (N64 Daedalus Emulator)

  1. runs like shit. Why can't they just make a Nintendo 64 emulator for the ps vita instead of just for gay ass psp?

  2. If this ever gets ported to the Wii U they need to add an option to turn off the narrator… or at least have Xander Mobus instead.

  3. I downloaded the emulator and the yellow text shows up once I open the iso, but nothing happens after that; just says FPS: 0 the entire time, and the PC information never fades out like it did in the video. Heck, the game DOESN'T load, so this kind of sucks 🙁 I have both 1 and 2, does it only work on 2? I tried both, but none worked. Got them from Iso Zone.

  4. hi this game are TriForce arcade game
    so it run only on wii but with quad force or USBLoader right ?!
    so how you can play it in dolphine ? iso or zip ?
    for me i like to run virtua striker 4 2006 if so plz answer

  5. Guys I know its lame to go asking for subs but my friend JimTheClay has a channel he is working very hard on and it would be great if you could check him out as he has done videos on mario kart and stuff as well. thanks guys.

  6. Many many thanks for those mediafire links. I was really struggling to find 3.0-694. I had to change the config but it's working sweet now!

  7. Some sound glitches, and the graphics look a little more jaggy than what I've seen in other videos, but over all good emulation.

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