New Super Mario Forever 2012 [PC] Walkthrough – Map 1

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Here’s another game in the Softendo family : New Super Mario Forever. As you might have guessed from the title, it’s similar to “New Super Mario Bros” on the Wii, but it’s not a complete rip-off, since this game doesn’t actually copy anything directly from the Wii version – it merely borrows the concept, enemies and powerups, and reuses them in its own way to create a new game. What can I say about it ? Well, the graphics, the sounds and the gameplay are all really good, like you’d expect from a Mario game. The overall concept is the same as in Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES : it has the same map system with 8 worlds, same 7 koopa kids you have to beat, same enemies, and even some levels look the same, so you’ll feel at home with this one. Visually, the game looks as bright and colorful as it does on the Wii, and in fact, a lot better than on the Wii, since a computer has greater graphics processing capabilities than a console. One thing I can say I don’t like, is that the screen takes too long to pan when you jump to the top of the screen – it waits for about 1 second then reorients. This could cost you a hit if you jump right into an enemy that you can’t see – it should adjust instantly to keep Mario in the middle of the screen at all time. The music and sounds are very good as well : there is musical variety and the quality of the soundtracks is awesome. One thing they decided to change and I don’t really appreciate, is the sounds Mario makes when jumping (“Ah, “Yeah”, “HoUh”). Since it’s a platform game where you jump a lot, they tend to get irritating after a while, and you can’t turn off just the voices, you have to turn off all sound effects. I would have much preferred traditional jumping sounds like in the console games, or alternatively, the ability to toggle the voices on and off independent of the sound effects. Another thing that ruins what would have otherwise been a nearly perfect game, is the overwhelming amount of spelling and grammar errors found in this game – thought NES games were bad at this ? Well, look again : the word order is incorrect and many words are misspelled, making the messages incoherent and even confusing to read, especially in the early levels where you’re given instructions on how to perform certain moves – I actually had to read a message twice before figuring out how to do the wall jump. I’m aware the producer of the game is polish, but couldn’t he at least get someone to proof-read the game before releasing it to the public ? I kinda smell “Google Translate” ! To be perfectly fair, it’s not too much of a problem as far as playability is concerned, because in a Mario game it’s the gameplay that counts, and not the talking parts. If it were an RPG, like Castlevania, where you had to rely on clues and dialogues to progress, then it would have been a real problem, but in an action game like this, we could let it slide. Other than that, there’s no need to go into great detail about the game, since it’s self explanatory – if you don’t know how to play a Mario game, then you shouldn’t call yourself a gamer ! Aside from the “F” in grammar, this game gets an overall “A” from Daniel’s Game Vault. Softendo pretty much did everything they could to recreate the Wii game on the PC, which is no easy task considering how complex it is, for which I can only applaud them ! Well done !
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40 Comments on New Super Mario Forever 2012 [PC] Walkthrough – Map 1

  1. Ugh, everything is so shiny and glary and…wobbly?

    I mean, it's impressive, technically, I guess, but sheesh, there's such a thing
    as having a bit TOO much going on at once.

  2. I'm stuck. On world 1-1 the castle is on the left before flag. I cannot complete the level. Therefore, i cannot continue this game

  3. Maybe you can help me.  I pass world 1 level one and then it doesn't advance me to the next level, I just get stuck after the flag.  How do I continue?

  4. Игрушка потрясная! Все фанатам приключений Марио рекомендую,получите эстетическое и морально удовольствие!

  5. Daniel if you look on the scene of pipes go to right or left im half drunk but if you go you see city and future bonus levels like mario forever


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