Nintendo Minute – Super Mario Maker Favorite Levels Encore

Hi, we left Super Mario Maker SUP-tember behind last week but we just couldn’t stay away from the game with all those amazing levels out there to play! This week we wanted to play four of our favorites from a selection of levels featured on the Super Mario Maker website. Be sure to check out the full list at We’ll also leave the info at the end of this video. Hope you guys are having fun creating and playing levels and we’ll see you next week. Have a great weekend and thanks for watching.

-Kit & Krysta

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40 Comments on Nintendo Minute – Super Mario Maker Favorite Levels Encore

  1. You guys should add the ability for players to tag levels hard, easy, puzzle, autoplay, music, unique, etc… and if we could search for them then we could actually play levels we wanted. And rank players in the level types they design, like number one puzzle maker or number one hard level maker.

  2. in every country that doesn't have the Eshop available (and there are a lot of them, nintendo is really lacking in official support in a lot of markets, which is disappointing) people set the country as Canada in order to access the shop and also use a credit card from their home country… might be the reason why you see a lot of levels from "Canada".

  3. It's Harvey Dent Castle because it alternates between a nice part (the overworld part) and a scary part (the castle part). So, it's like Two-Face.

    That's also why the double pipes were there – like you were teleporting between the two worlds. :)

  4. just make the checkpoints hidden and later in the level can find where the door leads to the start its up to the creator to decide how though :)

  5. By playing this video at 0.25x speed, I found out it takes 20 fireball shots to kill Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  6. What with the sounds, the ones like the one at 18:52, i spent like 5 minutes looking through my pc trying to figure out what that was x) Is that from Mario Maker???

  7. Yay! Thank you for playing my level! The roof was for aesthetic, in hindsight I should have just lowered the section one and placed bricks above it. I didn't notice that issue in any of my play tests, it wasn't until I showed my mother the course and she immediately did that haha. If I make any more courses I'm proud of and I think you'll enjoy, I'll send them in :)

  8. I think the best way to make a checkpoint is putting a hidden secret at the start of the level, and then later in the level you reveal were that secret is to advance the level so if the player dies he can go to the right path this time, this is a good level example of what I mean 7AE0-0000-007E-A80F

  9. I think it was called Harvey Dent Castle because it had the difficult castle part and the easy overworld part, i.e. "two faces"

  10. 15 seconds is correct.
    At 13:18, that's Millbee's computer's noise, not your computer's noise. Confused the heck outta me because I also use Windows 10.

  11. You were supposed to take that underground path for that second course. You can see where it leads to the flag at the end.

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