Paper Mario – The Thousand-Year Door (Dolphin 4.0-5862) GameCube Emulator on PC-Laptop

Emulator: Dolphin 4.0-5862
Emulating: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (GameCube 2004)
(The original recorded 4:3 aspect ratio video has been cropped to full screen 16:9)

[Note] After posting my Paper Mario Video last time, I just had to do a follow up video. This time “The Thousand-Year Door” on the Dolphin Wii/GameCube emulator for Window. But why not the Wii Super Paper Mario game I can hear you say, well in my opinion this Paper Mario game is kind of an outsider in the Paper Mario game line for its not turn-based like the others before it. I like it nevertheless, but the turn-based RPG paper games are more to my liking. Being a huge Mario and RPG fan the games before Super Paper Mario are a perfect and irresistible combination, and I can only hope they return the PPG battle system in the next Paper games to come (fingers crossed).

The Thousand-Year Door has a unique visual style. The graphics consist of a mixture of three-dimensional environments and two-dimensional characters who look as if they are made of paper. At different points in the game, Mario is “cursed” with abilities that enable special moves in the overworld, all of which are based on the paper theme. Mario can fold into a boat or a paper airplane by standing on a special activation panel, and roll up into a scroll of paper or become paper-thin.

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PC/Laptop Specs:
– ASUS N56VB – S4129H
– Windows 8 64-bits
– Intel Core i7-3630QM @ 3,4GHz
– 8 GB DDR3 Memory
– NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M/Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
– Windows Screen resolution set to “1600×900”

Emulator Settings: (most are “on” by default, but just to be sure)
— Enable Dual Core (speedup) “on”
— Enable Idle Skipping (speedup) “on”
— Framelimit “Auto”
— JIT Recompiler (recommeded) “selected”
— DSP HLE emulation (fast) “selected”
— Audio Backend “XAudio2”
— Skip Bios “on”
— System Language “English”
— Slot A “Memory Card”
— Slot B “Nothing”
— SP1 “Nothing”
— Use EuRGB60 Mode (PAL60) “on”
— Aspect Ratio “16:9”
— System Language “English”
— Device Settings “Non selected”
Options/Graphics Configuration/General:
— Backend “Direct3D”
— Adapter “Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000”
(It will run 50% Slower on the “GeForce GT 740M”)
— Fuscreen resolution 1600×900
— Aspect Ratio “Auto”
— V-Sync “on”
— Use Fullscreen “on”
Options/Graphics Configuration/Enhancements:
— Internal Resolution “2.5x Native (1600×1320)”
— Anti-Aliasing “2 samples”
— Anisotropic Filtering “1x”
— Scaled EFB Copy “on”
— Force Texture Filtering “off”
— Disable Fog “off”
— Per-Pixel Lighting “off”
— Widescreen Hack “off”
Options/Graphics Configuration/Hacks:
— Skip EFB Acces from CPU “off”
— Ignore Format Changes “on”
— Store EFB Copies to Texture Only “on”
— Texture Cache “Fast”
— External Frame Buffer “Disable”
— Disable Destination Alpha “off”
— Fast Depth Calculation “on”
Options/Graphics Configuration/Advanced:
— “Non selected”

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I found the codes myself, you can add them if your emulator has a cheat tool implemented. Snes9x and Zsnes v1.51 both have that tool.

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38 Comments on Paper Mario – The Thousand-Year Door (Dolphin 4.0-5862) GameCube Emulator on PC-Laptop

  1. I'm playing thousand year door and it runs perfect, except when there is some paper transition (going through pipes, turning into the plane, etc.), the game starts to crawl and the audio goes with it until that transition is over, then its back to normal working order. Whats causing this?

  2. Hey TMG do you know any good n64 emulators you dont have tutorials about it and a link to a rom of OoT that has no texturr glitching that would be nice and ill be greatful

  3. can you do a Super Smash Bros Melee on the computer and show us? and Mario Kart Double Dash those were my 2 fave games the GC!

  4. Since this video is about the dolphin emulator I was wondering if anyone could help me with some problems I've been experiencing on the android version of Dolphin. Every game that I've tried just won't work! Most of them start and load up but then freeze and or glitch/bug out. I have tried many different setting possibilities and combinations but non seem to help. The main games that I want to get working are Star wars Rogue squadron 2, Lego star wars, and star wars Jedi Knight: Jedi outcast. (Yes, I'm a star wars fan)! Both Lego star wars and star wars rogue squadron will start up fine but never get past the menu or first screen on boot up. If anyone can help and assist me it would be greatly appreciated and I will happily go more into depth about my problem if needed! Sorry for rambling on thank you

  5. WTH!!! Ok. I put the codes "7E0D7009" and "7E0D71C0" (First one is Boo and Mushroom Second one is Mushrooms) I was in Battle Mode with 2 people, (Koopa and Luigi) I made Luigi get an Item, (It was a Green Shell). I pressed the Item button for Koopa and he has boosting and using the Boo (Like normal.) But he was also placing Bananas behind him. WTH???

  6. Koopa is the best character in this game! Also, I sincerely LOL'ed at the "feather" cheat….and I am sincere about sincerely LOLing.

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