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A playthrough of Hudson Soft’s officially licensed 1986 Mario game for the NEC PC-8801 computer, Super Mario Bros. Special.

For how easy it would be to pick this apart, Hudson did a pretty fantastic job given the limitations of the 8-bit computer. The scrolling is non-existent, and you have to thoroughly memorize later levels to stand a chance, but the level design is pretty excellent, the “coloring” looks great considering there are a whopping 4 colors in use, and the flickering is usually not bad enough to seriously obscure anything important.

This is playing on a 4mhz emulated machine, hence the reason for Mario not quite going lightspeed as some people have experienced (if running on the 88’s top model 12mhz processor, it becomes so fast as to be unplayable).

I have no idea why the letter tiles gradually become corrupted across the game. The game is riddled with glitches, so I can only imagine that it may be yet another.

I ran into a particularly bad glitch when I reached 8-4 that triggered a disk error and forced restart. I figured out the issue, but it indeed forced me to restart. Rather than screwing with FRAPS and recording another 11gb of video, I played through the entire game again but only started recording at 8-4, in case you notice that the scores don’t quite match up between levels.

This game is awesome because it feels like, and is, a legit Super Mario game – a HARD Mario game. It’s also a horrendous slog because of the limits the hardware places on it. I guess it’s up to the individual to decide for themselves which outweighs the other. I love it, personally, and continue wishing for a legit remake one day that isn’t a lame NES rom hack 🙂

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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Fala galera blz? (Me Desculpe pela qualidade do Tuto, pois é minha primeira aula, Obrigado).
Este é meu primeiro tutorial,e espero que gostem…. se eu ajudei cliquem no “Gostei”, se gostou muito, por favor, favorite para divulgar meu trabalho.Muito obrigado por assistir.


Nesse caso, iremos usar o Emulador Dolphin, não se preocupem, a configuração mais básica dele está nos controles … Basta ir em Configurações e colocar do jeito que preferir, com teclado ou Mouse. DENTRO DO DOLPHIN MOSTRA DE TODO TAMANHO COMO CONFIGURAR COM TECLADO OU CONTROLE!

Link do Dolphin (Emulador):
Link do Jogo em Torrent:

Ainda com dúvidas? Assista!

*DirectX 9 ou 10 Mas de preferência o 10 *-*
*Microsoft Visual Credist x86
*Microsoft Visual Credist x64….. Estes 2 são aplicativos que vocês vão selecionar de acordo com seu sistema operacional.

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30 Comments on Super Mario Bros. Special (PC-8801) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

  1. I completed this last winter and was an odd one. my wife called fire Mario in this "Drunken jizzed on Mario" I nearly died of laughter. Good play through.

  2. It's rough until you get used to it, but Hudson's level design is pretty on par with Nintendo's here…. the number of glitches, not so much

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