Super Mario Flash 2: Main Game – Part 1

Welcome to my first ever Let’s Play.

I’ll be playing through the main game in Super Mario Flash 2 (or SMF2 for short) and then afterwards I’ll play some custom made levels.

Super Mario Flash 2 is a free online game. You can register to start making your own levels and then share them for others to play online. Registration is free as well.

Here’s the link:-

I did a test on a game built Super Mario Flash 2 for my first video,
this is automatic. ^^’

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18 Comments on Super Mario Flash 2: Main Game – Part 1

  1. Epic video, laughed out loud 10+ times and I usually don't laugh watching vids XD I can't believe how far you got in 12 minutes, I'd still be on the castle stage by then D:

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