Super Mario Flash (Custom Levels) 2 Player Race – Part 1

Ok… Probably my worst idea and worst video ever…

Few things you have to know: I made these levels like 2 years ago, so yeah, I’m failing on my own levels because I totally forgot them.

This Race was suppose to take place on three levels: 1st: Paranoid, 2nd: Start It Slow, 3rd: -Not comfirmed yet-

This race takes place between me: Metalkick1 and a friend of mine (And sometimes ashamed to be): PandooGame.

PandooGame is a french-Canadian from the city of Quebec, and I’m an english-Canadian from Ottawa, why did he started to talk in english for a moment ? I think he was just trying to mock me.

By the way, The hell has just begun, we’ll race until the ends.
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16 Comments on Super Mario Flash (Custom Levels) 2 Player Race – Part 1

  1. The two are bad Mario players because the two not played Super Mario for long time. The two are trying to teach playing Mario.

  2. That was the point of the video: Do a race on a hard level I've made (Which I was known for on JVC forums) then see who could finish it first or completely break down and give up. I used to do this level pretty easily back then, but I haven't played it since and I had horrible lags because of Camtasia which ruined my course a lot.

    However, I did finish the level in the second video which was lost because I let Pandoogame in charge of the editing and he never bother to show he has been defeated. The other video was a flawless run on the first try, so yeah… Level can be done easily, but having lags and not a fresh memory didn't helped.

  3. I can't speak Spanish at all. PandooGame was speaking French for most of the episode (He's a French Canadian, so yeah) while I was speaking English.

    The only languages I can speak are: English, French and Portuguese. (I'm learning Greek and German from time to time).

  4. There was a second video of this race where I finished it first try. Saddly, PandooGame lost the video so I could only upload the Part 1.

  5. I still don't quite understand, but I guess I know what you're trying to ask me.

    You'd like to know how to play with 2 players, am I right ? If it is indeed your question, I'm sad to tell you that we can't. Pandoogame and I were on two different computers and we were racing while talking on Skype.

    If it wasn't your question… Then I'm sorry since, I repeat, am not a Spanish speaker.

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