Super Mario Flash: First Custom Level

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My third custom level on Super Mario Flash this is about trying to get through the lava caverns without turning into fried chicken.

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24 Comments on Super Mario Flash: First Custom Level

  1. I did it by editing the level code. After the name of the level, you will find a list of numbers, and it will be the 3d or 4th after it, so just edit the number from 0-11. 0 is nothing.

  2. its true they say oh easy level then they decide to make the level impossible 500 bowsers and a billlion eniies and dpont forget power ups that screw you up

  3. nice! lots of creative ways to make it hard but it WAS hard, i mean for a first level…? what's the last level like?!

  4. Good level, I like how you didn't rely on billions of enemy to make your level hard. Unlike some people. *coughs*

  5. @thescaryscreamers It is the music from NSMB Wii

    @ The Start, its the 'Overworld'
    @ 0:18 It is 'Volcano Underground'
    @ 0:49 It is 'Coin Heaven'
    @ 1:57 It is 'Course Clear Classic.'

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