Super Mario Flash Level 10- Koopa’s Castle (CHEATS REVEALED!) (HQ)
you can play super mario flash ^^

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Press and Hold C and H key
Press Option
Press 50 Lives
Press Unlock Levels
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Super Mario Flash Walkthrough Part 2

A walkthrough of Super Mario Flash Levels. You know, i’m getting tired of typing up a detailed description.

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25 Comments on Super Mario Flash Level 10- Koopa’s Castle (CHEATS REVEALED!) (HQ)

  1. hola a todos les dire un truco de ese juego tiene que ir al menu asi cuando ya se cargo el juego y despues manten presionado la C y la H y ponen options y les aparecera para desbloquear todos los niveles

  2. this is a hard game i almost had it i went inside the 2nd thing and after there were 2 left and i went to the 2nd one not the first that sucks the first one i could of past it

  3. FML! i was on the lawt level and i went back to level one sincer= i only had one life and didnt want to game over, and i died right of the bat ahhh

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