Super Mario Flash Walkthrough Part 1 – The Start

Here’s a SMF1 Walkthrough from me, the one with the most SMF videos ever! In this walkthrough I’ll show you all secrets and the best of SMF1, so have fun watching it! Please like, comment and subscribe if you like it! Subscribing is easy, just press the big red button with ”Subscribe” on it! Thank you very much! 😀


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This includes two levels, Toad house 1, and WTF Warp Pipe…
Toad house 1: What the Ffffcrap! I DONTNT WANTS A STAR!!!

Level 1-1: Simple level and is the only one that doesnt seem imposible every freaking time you play the stupid game…

Level 1-2: Okay, seriously… Why cant i make mah levels this phreaking hArd… I mean, those moving panels are of the devil!

WTF Warp Pipe: I say WTF every time. What does that proove. i cant get toad house…

part two coming when i manage to beat level three, lol…
Video Rating: / 5

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22 Comments on Super Mario Flash Walkthrough Part 1 – The Start

  1. I gotta say, I tried playing this game, and when I tried to go back through the passage, like at 3:35, the pipe at the left end wouldn't let me back through. Very discouraging, but maybe I just stumbled on a glitched version or something.

  2. Anyone who likes mario land check out loui meredith's channel. It has mario videos on it as well as vlogs, but we would be grateful is you liked his videos.

  3. i swear this works but to get all the levles and 50 lives do this:
    as soon as the game has loaded, hold down c and h. keep it held down then click options and it will say 50 lives and unlock levles. click them both. i did this on friv so i dont know if it will work on other things. if this works like this comment. : )

  4. gosto muito de jogar mario ,meus filhos tambem ,tem vez que ate brigo pra jogar,adogooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????????

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