Super Mario Maker – Andre Plays YOUR Levels LIVE

Andre is live-streaming a bunch of custom levels in Super Mario Maker levels! Want @AndreSegers to play your Mario Maker level in our stream @ 2pm PT? Tweet the ID & description with the hashtag #PlayMyLevelGameXplain

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…and of course:

SUPER MARIO MAKER - How NOT to Build a Level (Funny Moments)

Gehab returns with some of the funniest Super Mario Maker moments! Smack the HELL out of that Like button to show your support!


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40 Comments on Super Mario Maker – Andre Plays YOUR Levels LIVE

  1. F260-0000-002B-0878
    GSC Throwback.

    I have a recreation of each gym from Pokemon GSC with a Mario Maker spin, and I have a more creative Elite Four stage.

    Play 'em!

  2. Invisible Block Trick:
    1. Watch the video first
    2. Put a Lakitu Cloud inside the invisible block
    3. Interact with the end of the level while it's off screen. When the "invisible platform" looks like a cloud block with a ? on it, you'll know you have it
    Now, when you hit the block, a Lakitu Cloud will come out.
    Basically, CLOUD INCEPTION!!

  3. I'm determined that Andre has Apraxia (or Ideational Apraxia, either one), meaning that he is unable to perform simple tasks. Like honestly, it's CRINGE.

  4. This is probably the first video I've ever seen from Gehab on VideoGames that's not thumbsdowned into the fucking floor. Instead, it looks like it just got super low views. Looks like people are learning to just avoid his cancerous and unfunny content on here.

  5. BOB THE BUILDER CAN WE FIX IT BOB THE BUILDER YES WE CAN BOB THE BUILDER CAN WE FIX IT no stfu now jk we can saymwhtever we want BOB THE BUILDER! lol my first time watching this idied seeing bob standing there with a v for a smile xD

  6. its cool to see some of my favorite hard working youtubers on videogames but please subscribe to gehab he does loads of funny things

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