SUPER MARIO WORLD IS EVIL (Garry’s Mod: DeathRun – Part 80)

Welcome to the World of DeathRun…CAN YOU SURVIVE? Don’t worry if you can’t…we rarely do either haha. Leave a rating if you want more!! We Love Smarty By The Way…but that moment was freaking hilarious!

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The Game itself is very simple and self explanatory. Be selected as a survivor or committed as a Reaper.

If you are a survivor, the goal is simple. Run from one end of the map to the other side without being “throw/pushed/zapped/sliced/smushed” or what have you. Death can be tricky, so try to be aware and avoid the reapers malice intent!

If you are a Reaper, it’s time to get tricky.
The survivors have to make it all the way to the end of the map, your job is to cause death in any manner possible. Pushing buttons and faking out those who live to bring them to a fortunate end.

Deathrun is a G-Mod game mode. You can search for “Deathrun” in the server browser section

The Other Survivors

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Music by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetech
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