My Own Super Mario Flash 1 Game – World 8

October 29, 2014 admin 25

The 8th world! What a shame: the end of this super mario flash series =( Mario has another big finale to face. Download the fonts I used in all the game’s videos: Mario Musics […]

Super Mario Flash Level Editor: Monster Quest

October 27, 2014 admin 40

Hey look!! Monsters!! soooo cute. Aggh!!! its eating me!!! Video Rating: / 5 CODE (I’ve pasted the code into a small .txt file (11kb) because it contained too many characters to paste anywhere convenient): […]

Super Mario Flash Galaxy Playthrough

October 26, 2014 admin 2

An amazing SMF1 hack made by Axew13! Play through epic space themed levels with music from Mario Galaxy and a few other games. Save Princess Peach in the 1-Player game or make your own levels […]

Zagrajmy w Flashe Super Mario Flash Odc.1

October 25, 2014 admin 17

Część dalsza failingu w Mario. 🙂 Ale na szczęście dzisiaj chociaż zobaczyliśmy Bawsera (chyba nie jestem pewien). A i jeszcze jedno .. Mam problem ostatnio z wstawianiem filmów na YT chodzi o to że nad […]

Super Mario Bros. 3 Bloopers Flash Video

October 17, 2014 admin 40

EDIT: For the kids that can’t watch SMBB #2, the link is here: EDIT #2: Holy walrus. Over 2 million views and I didn’t even realize it! SebastianLopez, yo da man! A flash video […]

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