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TOP 10 Niveles Automaticos / Sin Moverse /Sin tocar nada
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ID niveles Super Mario Maker:
1. AA64-0000-000F-7D4C
2. 635C-0000-0045-AF89
3. 9525-0000-003B-F371
4. 0598-0000-000F-8D66
5. ED8E-0000-005D-B806
6. D18A-0000-002C-56ED
7. 6618-0000-0041-28A9
8. 4D59-0000-0024-C254
9. 75D8-0000-0073-9111
10. 76D3-0000-003C-405D
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PeanutButterGamer and SpaceHamster play some fan created/suggested levels in Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U! – Part 1 of ???

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Mario Maker Levels we played IN ORDER:
Flying Fish Deathtrap : 2A54-0000-002E-05AB
Top 10 PB&JEFF : 310A-0000-0094-4EE3
Falling for Rosalina: 0E45-0000-0026-BB61
Flappy Dedede : 1C41-0000-003F-C40F
I’m So Sorry for this : 57AB-0000-0071-A5B2

Edited by SpaceHamster!

Art by Dan Jones! →

Music by Zurachi! →

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40 Comments on TOP 10 LEVELS AUTOMATIC | Super Mario Maker

  1. I made a level based on the original trilogy of Star Wars: 3A11-0000-0097-3113. I also remade Dragon Roost Cavern from Wind Waker: 8A9F-0000-0024-F647. Lastly, I made a p-switch based level: 9450-0000-0018-CEAC. Enjoy, guys!

  2. Use Springs Wisely: 5D9E-0000-006A-B416

    The idea with this level was to use springs in many different ways while alternating between game styles (puzzles, platforming, etc.). I spent a ton of time on it and am pretty happy with how it turned out! It's a little long but hopefully interesting enough to keep you going and not too hard.

  3. With so many levels, I doubt my small post will be seen, but my level is called "Got that Swag on fleek."

    The code is DF18-0000-0084-5962

    It's a level that you might see in a Mario game. No item spam, stupid sound effects, cheap deaths, or other lame shit. I threw in some Mario 3 homages, as well. TRY TO FIND THE SECRETS, HEH HEH

  4. I try to structure my levels like regular Mario levels, but be a little creative.
    I think you'll like these.

    Boo-Slime Fun Time: 5519-0000-005E-EF7F
    Ghost Ship: CD19-0000-0034-F2DE

  5. if u see a level called castile storming made bye Jericho play it its a good 1 I made it I cant remember the code atm later if I get the cod I will comment this a gen but be on the look out 4 it pbg and jeff :)

  6. Mine are pretty good. You should probably play them. Flame all you want. I'm cool with it.
    628D-0000-0047-B67E (hard)
    E7CB-0000-0031-E0D7 (fun)

  7. hey pbg you should try out my stage "power in numbers:)" It's short but sweet! P.S (I don't have my wii u right now so I can give stage ID :(

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